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Wedding Gifts- etiquette surrounding wedding gift lists


Once your wedding planning is in full flow; dresses have been made, the venue has been booked and the various members of the wedding party are getting nervous about their speeches. The fun bit is now arriving; it is time to arrange your wedding gift list.

We are sure all you avid shoppers out there can’t think of anything more appealing than creating your perfect shopping list, and then having somebody else pay for it.

Wedding gift lists have not be around for as long as the ceremony itself, but nowadays, 90% of weddings have a gift list of some sort.

So we have therefore provided some advice concerning gift lists...

Don’t feel embarrassed about creating your wedding gift list as it is no longer a ‘taboo’ subject. Wedding guests now expect to buy you a present and they would much prefer to buy you something they know you want, rather than have a guess at a gift and be embarrassed on the day if you don’t like it or have already got it.

Don’t be worried about putting some expensive items on your gift lists. It is becoming more common for a small group of guests to all ‘chip in’ and buy a larger present than individual small ones. You may be lucky; your guests could be feeling in a very generous mood!

Simply visit the local shops and make a list of all the items you wish to receive. You should then rely on a close member of the wedding party to keep the list and monitor exactly who has brought what.

Alternatively, you can also use a wedding gift list provider. Many companies specialize in wedding gift lists and they can help make the process a whole lost simpler and more pleasant to experience. Furthermore, many now offer online services, which allow your guests to select gifts for you, without having to battle through the crowds in the centre of town on a Saturday.

Arrange your wedding list fully in advance of the day. Considering that it is now the norm to send out details of your wedding list in conjunction with your invitations, the list should e planned at least four to five months in advance. An undeniable benefit of using a wedding list provider is that you only need to place a few items on the list to begin with and then add items as you find things you like. The provider will supply you with small cards that you will send out to your guests. These contain details on where the list is being held and the reference for your particular list. This allows guests to contact the company directly to purchase a suitable gift.

Be sure to use a reputable gift list provider as there have been a few instances of companies offering a gift list facility and then going out of business. Use a company that is reputable and responsible. At, you can be sure that we will only advertise companies that have a proven record.


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