Wedding Insurance. Do I really need it?

Wedding Insurance. Do I really need it?


This is a big question. Is it just another expense to add to your growing list, or money well spent?

We believe that wedding insurance is defiantly worth considering at least. Sit down and consult your list of things you’ve had to put a deposit down for. There’s the vicar, photographer, wedding breakfast, caterers, venue, evening meal, rings, flowers, the wedding dress, groom and best man’s outfits, bridesmaids dresses, fireworks, free bar, champagne, wedding cars, DJ or live band...we could go on and on.

Saving up for the most special day of your lives takes up all of your cash and more. If you are not already living together, you will also have to buy a new home on top of this. And let’s not forget the honeymoon as well.

If anything goes wrong with any of the wedding arrangements, it is doubtful that you will have any spare money to fall back on. Furthermore, the closer you get to the event, the more money you will be charged for cancelling anyone.

We’ve offered just a few examples of things going wrong and sometimes causing a cancellation of the wedding, therefore causing you to lose all your deposit money:

  • The photographer has double booked
  • You are made redundant or lose your job and so cannot afford to pay your bills
  • A close relative dies before your big day
  • The bride or groom is involved in an accident
  • The church is damaged, burnt or flooded
  • You lose the rings the day before the wedding
  • Your wedding presents are stolen from the reception venue
  • Your caterers go bankrupt just before the big day

The average wedding costs €20,000. Wedding insurance should cover you from €5,000 onwards and start at about €49.99. This basic package will cover everything listed above as well as cancellation, damage to ceremony/bridal attire, wedding gifts, rings, transport, and photographer/videographer, failure of suppliers, legal fees, personal liability and marquee extension.

€49.99 is not a massive price to pay for something that could save you thousands. We do generally recommend purchasing wedding insurance and the sooner the better, as soon as you make your first payment or deposit is advisable.

There are many different types of wedding insurance products available; some may be more advanced than other so as with everything else in your wedding, do your homework!


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