Honeymoons in Oman

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Oman Overview

Oman is one of the more traditional countries in the Middle East, giving travellers an unparalleled look into Arabian culture and style. Across the vast stretch of deserts and dunes lie numerous enchanting cities, home to amiable people, and surrounded by rough, mountainous terrain. Along the coast of the Indian Ocean lie miles of pristine beaches, with world class resorts scattered across its length. The capital of Oman is Muscat, the most modern city in the country, filled with museums showcasing the history of the region, and inspiring architecture.

Key Facts for Oman

Currency: Rial

Capital: Muscat

Language: Ababic

Flight time: 8 hours from London

When to Honeymoon in Oman

When to go:
The best time to visit is between October and April when it is cooler

Flight Information:
Oman is approx 7 ½ hours from London with direct flights operated by British Airways

Omani Rial

1 month visas are granted on arrival and cost 6 Omani Rials (approximately £9)

Average Temperatures (°C)

Average Daily Sunlight (hours)

Honeymoon Tips and Articles

Getting Married in Oman

If you plan on getting married abroad and are looking for a classy destination rich in culture and history then why not consider getting married in Oman.  Muscat, the capital city of Oman is full of grand hotels, most of which can help cater for your wedding abroad.  Spend time before your wedding checking out the best attractions that Oman has to offer, before saying your vows and becoming husband and wife in this wonderful Middle Eastern destination. Take your camera and capture some amazing wedding photography to bring home with you.  Your wedding abroad in Oman will provide you with stories to tell friends and family for years to come.

Marriage Requirements


Some countries may require non-nationals, before they can get married in their jurisdiction, to produce a certificate from their country of origin that they are free to marry. These are usually known as Certificats de Coutume. For more information visit http://www.dfa.ie/home/index.aspx?id=274

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