Choosing the Right Colours for Your Wedding Flowers

Colourful wedding flowers- choosing colours that will compliment each other in your bouquet
Wedding Flowers

The bridal bouquet is undoubtedly the most important flower arrangement at the ceremony and will be the next thing guests look at after studying the dress.

Wedding Flowers

Flowers are seasonal and most often, the most colorful ones are flowers that bloom in spring and summer which is why most brides aim to have their weddings at this time of year. The colour of the main bouquet should compliment the colours of the floral decoration in the church as well as the bridesmaid’s bouquets and the groom’s and groomsmen’s outfits.

When choosing the colours for your bouquet, you can either go for a monochromatic colour scheme, using different shades of one colour. Alternatively you can opt for complementary colours that incorporate both warm and cool hues. A final option is to choose a colour scheme using colours that are in harmony. For example, warm colours such as yellow and orange or cool colours like blue and purple.

Wedding Flowers

It is important to become familiar with the terms and colours of a colour wheel when choosing the colours of flowers in your bouquet. Red, blue and yellow are primary colours. Secondary colours are green, orange and purple and can be created by mixing different primary colours. Intermediate colours include: red-orange, red-violet, blue-violet, blue-green, yellow-green and yellow-orange. Naturally, mixing primary and secondary colours create intermediates.

Different colours compliment each other differently and so it is important to choose colours that go well together. As a general rule when studying a colour wheel, look for colours that are opposite each other on the wheel. For example, red and green are natural compliments of each other, as are yellow and violet. When placed together, these colours will naturally enhance each other.

Finally, you will need to take into consideration that some of the colours you want, will not be available in the flowers you want also. Different colours appear at various times of the year.

Wedding Flowers

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