Your Post Wedding To-Do List

All you need to know after the nig day


After all the fun and excitement of your wedding and then your honeymoon, once you get back to reality, don’t forget your post-wedding to do list. Take a look at a few of the post-wedding tasks you will need to start thinking about.

Post Wedding

Your Thank You Notes

Try not to leave it too long to send out your thank you notes; a good guide is to send them within two months of your wedding date. As you open your wedding cards and gifts, make a note of who gave you what so that you can make each thank you note personal.

Post Wedding

Your Wedding Gifts

Your wedding gifts can go into three different sections — things you can make use of now, things you will want to keep for the future and need to store safely and then — sadly — gifts you will return/exchange. If you have received duplicate gifts, then save the feelings of the people who bought them for you and quietly exchange them.

The Sensible Stuff

If you are changing your name then you will need to make all the necessary changes to your passport, drivers licence and bank accounts. If you don’t already have a joint account then it could be a great time to set one up.

Save Memories

Decide which things from your wedding you want to keep, how you will store your wedding cards and where to put your brand new wedding pictures.

Make a Plan

After the wedding you might be feeling a bit lost, a great way to combat this is to start planning your next holiday or a fun weekend away. Even if it is far away in the future, it will be something to look forward to.



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