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15 Feb 2013

Using YouTube for Bridal Beauty

by LouAndUna@LoveTabii

So you have your dress, now it’s time to plan you make-up and skin routine!

Obviously, to be as flawless as possible on your big day takes a bit of preparation, as well as some pretty clever tricks to ensure your makeup not only goes on, but stays on for the day.

YouTube is chock-a-block full of beauty and make up bloggers who are eager to share their ideas, tips and inspiration. It’s also a great way to try out some looks at home, to get a general idea of what you are looking for on your big day. For those confident enough to tackle their own make-up, there is a vast array of step by step tutorials that will break down every detail for you to complete. For those of you who are  not so confident, these videos are perfect to send on to your makeup artist so they can get a really good feel for what you are looking for, and can offer variations of looks that will work best with your colouring.

One of our favourite beauty and make up YouTubers Siobhan McDonnell from letzmakeup, has shared her knowledge of skin preparation in some of her videos.

Top Tips from video:

Start preparing skin early.

- Exfoliating lips, (you don’t want dry skin to ruin those red lips you planned for)
- Giving up smoking. Tough, I know, but as Siobhan puts it, tobacco dulls skin, and you want your skin to glow as you walk up the aisle right!?
- Start drinking water, and incorporate eating water into your diet. This means snacking on water heavy food such as cucumber and lettuce. ‘Why?’ you ask, well because by eating water, you are giving your skin a chance to retain it! Clever, right?

Don’t get beauty treatments too close to your big day.

- Siobhan recommends getting any facials or peels at least 2 weeks before your wedding. The same is recommended if you decide to start using any new products, to prevent any last minute skin reaction disasters.
- Things like hair removal on the face should be done a week before, as well as eyebrow plucking. Depending on how often your skin is used to these procedures.

Wash your face!

- Siobhan recommends using a ‘water spray’ and a serum for the perfect base.
- A great tip is if you are getting married on a sunny day; make sure to use sun block on your face and neck, to make sure you have no lobster moments while getting your photos taken.
- A good eye cream is great for not only your eyes, but to use on your lips too.
- As Siobhan puts it, it sinks into your skin and softens it from underneath. A good conditioner will lock in the moisture.
- When moisturising, always moisturise neck as well. Then leave for at least 10 minutes before applying any make up.

Enjoy make-upping and Happy Valentine’s Day!

See more of Siobhan’s work here

We are Louise & Una, founders of Irish fashion blog glamrocks and more recently the fashion & lifestyle magazine Tabitha. We have been best friends since babies and have combined our love of fashion to carve out a career in publishing a magazine & fashion blog which we regularly update on what inspires us.

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Published 15 Feb 2013 10:58 by LouAndUna@LoveTabii