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23 Jan 2013

Five Surprise Cost Cutting Tips!

by Blaithin@WeddingHigh

Every couple is on the lookout to save money, whether they have a few hundred or a few thousand to spend on their wedding. Whilst I am sure you are aware that your guest numbers will have the biggest impact on your wedding budget, have you considered any of these ideas for cutting costs?

1. Digital Invites.

Invites can run a few hundred to close to a thousand euro when you consider printing and postage. By designing a nice digital invite and sending it out to the majority of your guests, you will save yourself a great deal. You can of course have a few printed up (or purchased) for guests who perhaps aren’t familiar with email and for your own keepsakes.

2. Stick around for last minute deals at large Wedding Fairs.

January through to mid April and September to October is when you will see a concentrated amount of Wedding Fairs and you can snap up some great bargains! Not only do Wedding Suppliers offer great show discounts and offers, in those last few hours of the wedding fairs, those who have brought a huge amount of stock or who have been doing particularly well over the course of the day or weekend will often sell stock (and indeed services) at rock bottom prices potentially saving you thousands!

3. Buy a ‘Beloved’ Wedding Dress.

There is nothing more frustrating than the experience of going shopping for a wedding dress and falling in love with a designer dress that is €2,000 over your budget. While you could turn to eBay to find your dress at a knock down price, there can always be the doubt as to whether it will arrive and if it is ok. Beloved Boutique, a Wicklow based bridal boutique which sells preloved designer wedding dresses, gives you the wow wedding dress shopping experience and the peace of mind that you are purchasing what you are seeing!  

4. Hire a Display Wedding Cake.

I always think it’s a crime to cut a beautiful cake, so my advice is don’t! All the beautiful cakes that you see at wedding fairs and in bakers shop windows are fake; made and preserved to give you an idea of their skill and range. Chances are that there is one on display that you just love. Ask your baker or cake designer if you can hire their display cake for the day. If you do want to serve cake to your guests, buy sheet cakes that can be cut on the day. This will save you hundreds!

5. Sit down with a Wedding Planner.

The small investment of a one-off consultation with a Wedding Planner could save you thousands! They will be able to advise you on your budget and specifically where you can save, where your wedding plans are going right or wrong and what you should be looking from the various wedding professionals you have or will hire. 

Bláithín O’ Reilly Murphy; The Wedding Expert is a Wedding Planner who works with a select number of clients each year to help them plan their weddings. She writes the daily wedding inspiration blog, Wedding High and is author of Distinctive Weddings; Tying the Knot without the Rope Burns. Her latest wedding book, 101 Ways to Propose, will be published in 2013. http://www.weddinghigh.com/

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