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14 Jan 2015

10 Wedding Planning Hacks You Need

by zoe@hitched

Make your wedding planning super easy with these ten amazing wedding planning hacks I’ve picked out!

1. Set up a Wedding Email Address

This is a super simple wedding planning hack – by making a new wedding email address you can keep all of your wedding correspondence in one place, and direct all your RSVPs there too. Look at you, all on top of your wedmin!

2. Download a Wedding App

At least one! Manage your wedding planning with the My wedding by hitched App, and extend a virtual invite to your guests with the hitched App for Wedding Guests – they can find hotels nearby, check the weather and upload all their pictures of every wedding event, from the engagement party to the last dance for you to download!

3. Number Your RSVP Cards

If you send out RSVP cards with your wedding invitations, write a number on the back to correspond with a number next to the guests’ names on your guest list. This way if they return their RSVP without writing their name on it (did you know getting married makes you psychic?), you know who it’s from!

4. Use a Budget Planning Tool   

It’s so easy to lose control of your wedding budget – we get it, everything is so pretty and you just need it! But make sure you don’t over spend by making the most of our budget planner tool. It will track your spend and suggest how much you should allocate to each item on your list.

5. Manage Your Guest List

A guest list tool allows you to easily manage your guest list online – once you’ve got all your RSVPs you can transfer the list to the table planner tool and start working on your seating plan!

6. Nominate a ‘Point of Contact’

On the morning of the wedding, you need to focus on sipping champagne and being fabulous – not answering phone calls from guests who don’t know where to park. Have a bridesmaid on hand to answer these calls – offer their number to guests or hand your phone over.

7. Have a Secret Tissue Stash

Hide a tissue in the wrap of your bouquet, or somewhere equally discreet. This way if your eyes get a bit watery you have something to help!

8. Break in Your Wedding Shoes

I know you probably don’t want to wear your wedding shoes yet, and want them to be pristine and pretty for the big day, but try prancing around the house in them so they’re broken in and won’t leave you in agony. This goes for the groom too.

9. Make an Emergency Bridal Kit

Set up a mini kit of makeup, tissues, breath mints, hair spray and everything else you might need. Leave it with a bridesmaid or in a safe place for touch ups throughout the day.

10. Step Back from the Wedding

This sounds crazy, but make a plan with your partner to sneak away for five minutes on your wedding day just to take it all in. You’re married! Eek! Everyone is here for you! Eek! You spend months planning your day, but it only lasts 24 hours. Take it all in and savour it. 

Zoe x

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Published 14 Jan 2015 10:04 by zoe@hitched